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I believe that we need to add our voices to the important discussions and difficult decisions that will be made in the near future. 


How will we improve our schools, water, health care options, and the provision of services that will make our community more prosperous and appealing?


Please help support our efforts by:

  • Making phone calls to ask District 6 residents to vote for me

  • Canvassing the community in District 6 to pass out  materials

  • Placing a campaign sign in your yard

  • Donating to my campaign (see next page)​

  • Voting for me  - Early voting begins on October 17th


You can call me at 984-297-6161  OR

Contact me via email at:

You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you! 


Vote LaHoma Smith Romocki for a Better Granville County

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